About Me

Hello, I’m Deb Schirmacher, SBD.  I have been given gifts and gifts are meant to be shared. Serving and caregiving is just a natural part of who I am; but it is also my spiritual gifting as well. I love birthing, mamas, and of course, babies. My daughter’s pregnancies have inspired me to be a doula, but I’ve been one at heart for many years.  I’m a member of DONA International, the foremost organization supporting Doulas around the world, and am working on my Certification as a Birth Doula.  My DONA approved Birth training has covered Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding, and Birth Doula training. I’m a member of Doulas of Greater KC as well. My DONA approved Postpartum training has covered Mother and Newborn care, Integrating the Baby in the Family, Breastfeeding, Perinatal Mental Health as well as Loss and Grief. I’m certified as a Birth Doula and as a Bereavement Doula – with Stillbirthday.

Having four natural births of my own (and 2 losses), as well as extensive breastfeeding experience provides a great foundation for the training that I have received.  Additionally, years of serving as a Pastor’s wife has given me many opportunities to learn grace and compassion, and to use my gifts. I love Jesus and enjoy serving others. I have spent many weeks in the hospital with family members and have gained valuable experience navigating the medical world – which can often be intimidating. I have provided foster care and have been through the adoption process as well. I’ve also had training in Peacemaking, which complements every area of life.

Doula Services – from Birth and Postpartum to the End-of-Life. Coming alongside in both joy and sorrow, walking By Your Side!

Being a Birth Doula, I’m excited to help mamas at the beginning of life. I am passionate about helping mothers through Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth. I would love to encourage, comfort and to inform you, so that you can have the birth that you desire. It doesn’t matter what kind of birth – home, hospital, or birthing center – being by your side to support you in your decisions would be my honor.

As a Postpartum Doula I’m ready to help mamas and their babies in their homes. New moms need the encouragement and the hands on help to get back on their feet after a birth. It doesn’t matter whether the birth went as desired or if there were complications; new moms and their families need support! Postpartum doulas help the mother heal, get the rest they desperately need, provide newborn care, and help with practical household tasks such as prepping for a meal, helping with siblings, laundry and dishes. I give nurturing care and emotional support for the “4th trimester” – from birth to 12 weeks of age.

I cannot put into words what you have done for me and my family for the past 3 months. Thank you does not seem like enough. You are wonderful at your job and we are so lucky to have you in our lives.” Anna R – Greater KC area

I’ve received my certification as a Birth and Bereavement Doula (SBD) with Still Birthday. “A pregnancy loss is still a birthday.” – stillbirthday.com Having a miscarriage, fetal diagnosis, or neonatal loss can present special challenges, both physically and emotionally. It is very hard and often lonely. Being a support during these times is essential – you don’t have to be alone – coming alongside helps with the healing process. This rounds out my doula skills so that I can bring you comfort and care no matter the type of birth or what trimester. Helping parents through loss and grief is very important to me, I’ve been there too.

“A pregnancy loss is still a birthday.”


Also, being an End-of-Life Doula, in a variety of situations has given me additional skills and perspective. Life is so precious! My training with INELDA – The International End of Life Doula Association rounds out my skills. I have been a Hospice volunteer as well. Dying is hard and hard work for both the person and their family. Many don’t have the support network that is needed during those final days. Coming alongside helps to bring peace, calm and comfort, as well as practical support with household needs.

No matter what stage of life you are at I would love to be your Doula! I support you and your loved ones. Let me encourage you and bring calm to your world. Being By Your Side is both my pleasure and my passion. I would love to share my gifts with you.