Birth Doula

baby sleeping on white cotton
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So What is a Birth Doula?

The word Doula comes from a Greek word that means “servant”. Today a Doula still serves, but specifically, a Birth Doula gives continuous support to the birthing person and their families during Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and shortly after Birth. We are caregivers at heart! Birth Doulas provide personalized care, but do not perform medical tasks or  give medical advice. We offer the gift of presence and calm in the midst of what can be a stressful and changing time.

We are By Your Side to provide emotional encouragement, physical comfort measures, and information to help with decision-making. Guidance, stress reducing techniques, and physical support promotes confidence for both parents. We help the Partner to be the hero! Doulas do the necessary tasks at hand and lets the Partner focus on just being there in whatever way they want to be.

Some of the benefits of having a Doula:

  • Less need for medication during labor and delivery
  • Shorter labors
  • More vaginal births without the need for interventions
  • Babies with better outcomes and higher Apgar Scores
  • Education to make informed decisions
  • Birth Planning with confidence
  • Guidance for the Partner and family
  • More long-term satisfaction with the Birthing experience
  • Creating an atmosphere for better Bonding and
  • Getting a better start with Breastfeeding.